my chairs

All my chairs are upholstered with Unique Hand-Dyed Fabric using traditional and modern methods appropriate to the individual chair.



At first glance you might be forgiven for thinking that my chairs are finished with printed fabric, however, this is not the case. Each is upholstered using unique fabric which I have created by painstakingly drawing the design using traditional hand-dyeing techniques.

Each chair is an individual work of art.

They are period chairs which have all been lovingly reworked/upcycled to the highest standards with top quality upholstery materials and using sustainable options where possible. A surprise hand-dyed bottom cloth is also a unique feature of my chairs.

I restore them alongside Master Upholsterer Alex Law at his School Of Upholstery in Faversham, Kent (UK). Click on each chair for more images, Thank you for looking.

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